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We passionately support the Achuar's vision regarding human community as being One Planet — One People. We join the Achuar in developing and delivering capacities, resources and programs that promote planetary cooperation and sustainability. 


Throughout the last twelve years we have listened and responded to the Achuar request to unite the wisdom of their ancient ancestors with appropriate technology of the modern world.



We support projects that deepen social justice, expand environmental awareness, and promote participatory actions among the Achuar, especially the women and young adults, through the following practices:

  • Culture strengthening strategies 

  • Resilient community sustainability

  • Capacity building 

  • Reforestation development

  • Green technology implementation and sustainability 

  • Community enterprises and eco-tourism alternatives


We endorse and support our implementation partner Fundacion Mente’s projects in the Achuar Territory.


As the Achuar define their needs and goals, Fundacion Mente becomes our partner in service to Mother Earth.


Fundacion Mente articulates the actions to implement: the Achuar Chicken Project (MAANA Chickens Project), Nature Guides Training Workshop and Ecotourist Summit (Chichaman Etserin), Elder Cultural and Myth Encounter (ii Tantari) among others.


For profiles and project descriptions, please visit

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We lead annual trips to the Achuar Territory and feel that is the best way to inspire support of our mission and the Achuar's mission to preserve their rich culture and the Amazon. It is also an additonal source of income for the Achuar people, rather than opening up their land to the oil and timber industries. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we stand with indigenous people and welcome their ways of living into our over-modernized and industrialized societies.

Our trips are unique, transformative and packed with adventure and cultural exchange. Participants leave Ecuador feeling awoken into a truer sense of being in the world, with an awareness of their part in the web of humanity and all life.

Group photo with the largest tree in the


We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation established in 2015 by Sister Judy "Jaguar" Bisignano (left) and Sandra Morse in Tucson, AZ to support the social justice platform and ecological goals of the Achuar people living in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest.

Sandra Morse is a communications facilitator with a private practice in Tucson, AZ. She conducts eco-retreats to the Amazon jungle where she guides groups to listen to and partner with the indigenous Achuar people of Ecuador's Amazon Basin. Sandra has led sixteen eco-retreat excursions over the past twelve years. As CEO of Maketai, INC., she facilitates trips to various Achuar communities. 


Sister Judy Bisignano is a Dominican nun, educator, author and public speaker in Tucson, Arizona. As an active member of Maketai, INC., Sister Jaguar develops and supports projects and programs implemented by Fundacion Mente in the Achuar villages.



Sister Judy Bisignano, a Dominican nun, is a fierce educator, and in so many ways a rebel.


Sister Jaguar's Journey tells the story of her difficult childhood, and her attempt to avoid family life, marriage and motherhood by entering the convent, where she was met with an even more abusive situation.


Ever the survivor, she worked with children and opened several schools, yet when the school she started for the Mexican-American community was closed down, she was forced to confront the devastating affects of her lifelong anger.


Her journey takes her to the rainforest of Ecuador and the sacred rituals of the Achuar people. It was here in this moment, in this place, with these special people, that she found God, healing and forgiveness.

The Achuar call her “Hermana Otorango – Sister Jaguar,” and so will you.

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